The Bug Out Ammo Dilemma

ammo-weightAll good preppers have a well put-together bug out bag filled with plenty of self-defense and hunting firepower. True survival means having the ability to hunt game and defend you and your family from attackers. Some type of reliable long gun is a must and a quality handgun is a great option as well.

But what many people forget to take into account is the true weight and bulk of ammunition. Ammo weight can become a very serious problem, especially if you have to travel long distancesĀ on foot. And the true weight of ammo isn’t just bullets. Military-grade magazines (the kind most preppers stockpile) are made of metal and weigh several ounces. A fully loaded AK or AR magazine can easily weigh close to a pound and a half!

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3 Surprising SHTF Firearm Options

SHTF-AK-rifleWhen people talk about the “best” SHTF/prepping firearms they almost always mention one of the following:

  • AR-15 Variant — By far the most popular, due to its capabilities, modularity, ease-of-carry, reliability, and high availability of ammo (normally at least).
  • AK-47 Variant — One of the toughest and most battle-proven rifles ever made. High-power ammunition and durability make it a favorite.
  • 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun — One of the most versatile firearms. Great for hunting nearly all types of game but also extremely effective as a close-range weapon.
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Prepping Essentials for the Kentuckian

Nearly every day someone will ask me “what is your most important prep?”. This is a trick question. The answer they are seeking is a definitive one wherein I hold up a piece of equipment or a weapon or something I have constructed myself that solves multiple prepping issues and I smile into the camera and say “this whatsamajigger is the only tool YOU need to survive! It filters and purifies water, cuts through lead and produces cheeseburgers on demand!” (That would be really cool to make one though).photo of bug out bag supplies

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